Bonus panel

Heh. I mean, it isn’t not true…

Blog post

Do you ever get so focused on something, you completely forget to take care of yourself, like eating something, drinking enough water, or going to the bathroom?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, like in certain simulation games, we could have a needs meter to help us keep track, with built-in alerts to tell us, “hey, you’re hungry, go eat something”?

Imagining I have this meter and “checking” it regularly, has helped take better care of myself.

Just a quick run-over: am I hungry? Thirsty? Should I go to the bathroom? When did I last take a shower? Did I brush my teeth this morning? Oh, it’s 2 am, my sleep meter is probably really down into the red. When did I last spend time on something fun?

I try to listen to my body and its needs, and until we can implant a microchip pre-loaded with a simulation interface, I’ll have to do it manually. Sigh.

Alternative ending

The most interesting part about being able to make these comics and share them online, is seeing how other people react to them. In doing so, I get a lot of feedback, from people who can wholeheartedly relate to my story and recognise something of themselves in the comic, but also from people who have a similar yet (sometimes totally) different experience.

Because of that, I am able to see my own experiences through the eyes of others, and learn more about other’s people stories in return. Autism is a spectrum, and even though we share many things, we also have many differences, each of which is valid, interesting and potentially educational to our own processes.

Here’s an alternative ending to this comic, thanks to the feedback I received on Reddit.