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It’s funny – I posted this comic over at Eggcrack Comics first, thinking it wasn’t a neurodiverse-related thing, but rather just a personal quirk. Turns out many of my peers related to it, so add this one to the list of things I didn’t know were because of my autism but actually are.

The Big List Of Things I Didn’t Know Were Because Of My Autism But Actually Are ™

So yes, I hoard hobbies.

No, I don’t just claim something is a hobby while never having done said thing – that’s not what I mean.

I don’t just go “oh yeah I’m a guitar player” while I’ve never held a guitar in my life.

But what I mean is – I have tons of hobbies. My bio in many places like Twitter, Reddit or Instagram is “usually doing 101 things at the same time”, because it’s the truth. While I’m writing this, I’m also turning my stepdad’s handwriting into a font, I’m drawing the sketch for my next two comics, I’m documenting a mod I made, I have Photoshop open to edit the last four images I need for a mod I’m working on, I’m chatting with my mum on Facebook, I’m organising my repositories on GitHub, all while eating a bagel. Shh, it’s on the list.

I often find myself starting doing things that I particularly enjoy, only for then to never have time for them. And it’s not that I don’t have time, it’s that there are so many things I want to be doing at once, I just can’t find the focus to actually start doing that thing. Especially if it’s a Big Thing™ that needs a lot of focus and energy.

Examples: I own a ukulele that I really wanted to learn how to play, but the first time I tried learning it, it was so exhausting that I haven’t found the motivation to try again. I paint, but haven’t painted anything in a while because the room I paint in is cold so I need to figure out the central heating there first, and I just can’t bring myself to start on that. And it’s not just recurring things – I have that with one-time things, too. I bought a bird feeder thing that I haven’t unboxed yet because setting it up sounds like such a hassle, despite really really really wanting to have a bird feeder in my garden. Bonus points because it probably isn’t a hassle to set up – it’s just getting my brain into the mood is the hassle.

I guess that the trap I fall into is: I need a step-by-step plan before I can start on something. And figuring out the step-by-step plan is the hardest part, the most mentally exhausting part. So I start things, do them a few times, absolutely love doing them, but then never do them again because it takes too much effort to get into the right mindset for it. Does that make sense to anyone? Or is it just me?

So I hoard hobbies. I legitimately love all of them, even though I can go weeks, months and sometimes even a year before I pay attention to any of them. They hold a place in my heart, just not in my schedule.

In the comic, you can see:

  • making mods (for games like Staxel and Garden Paws);
  • painting (waterpaint on paper);
  • making comics (this blog and Eggcrack Comics);
  • programming (school work + Discord bots);
  • making video games (in the planning stage);
  • learning Japanese (I have the books);
  • working on my website;
  • writing guides.

Not included in the comic:

Anyone else have a list of things you’d call hobbies, even if you haven’t spent time on them for a long time?