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I have been creating Discord servers. Again.

Because I really enjoy bringing people and information together, and I have been noticing that neurodivergent people on Twitter and Reddit have been looking for a more “chatty” place to connect with each other, I have created two neurodivergent Discords, one in Dutch – neurotwitticals – mostly for people from Twitter, and one in English – The Green Discord – which is a universal one for everyone who isn’t neurotypical to find a safe space where they can be themselves and infodump about their interests.
And yeah, you’re welcome, too!

But my thing for Discord servers didn’t start just this month. In the past, I have created multiple Discord servers with varying degrees of activity:

  • Open Gates, a community for (adult) gamers to hang out and play games together.
  • AC:NH Swap, a glorified notice board for Animal Crossing fans to find fair trades and help each other.
  • Mod Bucket, secretly my favourite, because it focuses on all things related to programming, art, animation, video game mods and creativity in general. We give each other feedback, teach each other and collaborate.

Aside from the Discords I have created and am admin in myself, I joined a couple dozen of others, most of which are muted because the pings get overwhelming. I am moderator in a few of them, too.

I hadn’t really considered “Discord” to be a special interest, but it is starting to look like one, isn’t it?